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There are many content management open source available. WordPress and Joomla is our CMS development platform of choice for virtually 90% of the websites we design, and develop. WordPress and Joomla is not only the popular choice of millions of websites but also an easy-to-use, elegant CMS. It’s open-source nature combined with the multitude of available themes and plugins makes it infinitely customizable and expandable for your particular needs.

Why CMS (Joomla or Wordpress) ?
  • -- Simple to use and update your own website
  • -- Manage your website from anywhere
  • -- Extremely cost effective
  • -- No need to worry about editing any code or using FTP
  • -- 100% customisable to your requirements
  • -- Multiple users, each with different levels of access
  • -- Easily expandable, with a huge library of plugins and modules
  • -- No more waiting for a developer, you are in control

We tried other free Content Management Systems that worked as well as WordPress and Joomla but none were as simple and easy to use. Some systems were so complicated they had a very high learning curve for new customers who had no experience maintaining website. The administration section is easy to navigate and there not too many confusing screens. It has a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) content editor that looks and works similar to Microsoft Word so it is very easy to add articles and content to your website.

All sites can be managed from a single dashboard. Multi-site is great option for freelancers, businesses and organizations that manage multiple WordPress websites. Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to provide hosting and maintenance to clients, a college organization looking to centralize the management of your websites, or a large news publisher trying to isolate sites for different departments, multi-site is the answer.